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Coronavirus – from little munchkin to the youngsters and elderlies, everyone from every corner of the world knows the sensitivity of current conditions worldwide. The only solution to stay healthy & keep the family safe is, to remain more concerned about the cleaning, sanitizing, and distancing. Wearing mask become as important as breathing, these days.

This is obviously because the air has numerous harmful particles that can literally go inside our body via the nose and ruin the breathing system. We would suggest professional OZ Duct Cleaning Melbourne services during this pandemic and even after it passes.

OZ Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Fact is,

Residential duct cleaning will not that effective to stop coronavirus from entering into the home. But, it can help in improving the air quality and stop it from spreading all around. If you look out for professional help, don’t forget to wash your hands, cover the coughs & sneezes, wear masks, and maintain social distance from people.

For instance, if the virus enters your home, a dirty air duct can allow it to stay in the vents for many days and it can pass on to people easily. Don’t worry about the HVAC system, a complete duct cleaning could be a good help!

  • Make use of bleach to clean the house. However, it should not be used as a stand-alone basis, and also it should be diluted with water before you use it as a disinfectant. If you wipe off the floor, it’s important to make sure to let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes before you wipe it away.
  • Use the rubbing alcohol or quality hand sanitizers to clean the hands in certain time of intervals to keep the germs away. However, nothing can beat from washing the hands for around 20 seconds with water and soup. The sanitizer can also be used to mop the floor and it should be diluted.

Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Don’t forget to use soap and water effectively when you wash your hands and body but not when you clean the house. Make sure to use disinfectants to ensure effective cleaning.
  • Also, all the cleaning equipment like a mop, vacuum, sponges, and other clothes need to clean completely. You need to ensure that all the equipment is soaked in water and clean using soapy water before you use it further.

End of the buzz!

It is important to deal with this situation wisely. Keeping the surrounding clean is the first step to fight with the coronavirus. Contact any nearby OZ Duct Cleaning Melbourne company and make a germ-free surrounding. Let’s beat the coronavirus and make a liveable environment!