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Many people don’t go for a regular duct cleaning Melbourne. This could have some serious effects on your health.

Below we have listed common health issues with a dirty duct.   

  • Can worsen some conditions like Asthma, pulmonary, and allergies

If you or any of your family members have conditions such as asthma, allergies or pulmonary, it’s important to clean the duct more often. Having a dirty duct in such a situation is no less than suicide. It will worsen the condition and the consequences could be bad.    

  • Respiratory infection

There are higher chances of you getting respiratory diseases as the dirty duct allows the dust particles to float freely in your home or office and reach inside your body. It can even give you congestion in chest, cough, cold, fever, sneezing, or sore throat.

  • Sinus Infection

The dirty duct is the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. You can easily become a victim of any viral disease if your duct isn’t clean. Also, there are high chances of getting serious conditions such as sinus. Dust and bacteria block your nostrils and cause the problem. So keep yourself healthy by choosing the right duct cleaning expert such as OZ Duct Cleaning for deep cleaning along with sanitizing. 

  • Common Cold

Is your common cold quite common? Well, the dirty duct is the one to blame. The dust, dirt, and bacteria might be causing you irritation and you are getting sick over and over again. If the duct and your cold not treated well, getting sinus is for sure. Regular duct cleaning is the only way to stop making you sick. Also, it will help you to inhale the clean and fresh air.  

  • Itchy and Dry Skin

The dust particles available in the air settle on your skin and makes sucks out all the moisture. This further leads to dry skin, which makes your skin itchy. If your skin is feeling itchy or you can see rashes on your skin or applying moisturizer isn’t enough to keep your skin hydrated, you might try cleaning your duct. If ignored, this can result in serious skin conditions or at least make wrinkles appear on your face and other body parts.     

  • Tiredness and Unwell

The availability of bacteria in the air of your home or office reaches inside your body and attacks the immune system. The weak immune system means low energy level and you, as a result, feel tired all the time. This can be bad for workplaces as an enterprise expects most workmanship from their employees. So if you notice your employees feeling tired more often, go for duct cleaning right away.  

  • Stress

Because the duct is dirty, it’s not filtering the air at all. Therefore, you can see visible dust particles floating in the air or sitting on your stuff. This leads to endless dusting and cleaning, which could be tiresome for anyone.  

Now that you know how harmful it is to have a dirty duct in your home or office, hire OZ DUCT CLEANING for deep and satisfactory Duct cleaning Melbourne.

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